The Great Divide

by Hanging Hills

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Joseph Mahoney
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Joseph Mahoney If you like Lenola you will love this
Nice compositions!
Looking forward to seeing these folks live
Michael Steiner
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Michael Steiner The Great Divide feels like a story being recounted to you- one that you want to hear over and over again Favorite track: Company Town.
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Debut full length from Connecticut based band, Hanging Hills.


released June 10, 2014

Produced by Andrew Oedel and Hanging Hills. Recorded and mixed by Andrew Oedel at Fortune Studios, New London, CT. Mastered by Jon Markson.



all rights reserved


Hanging Hills Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hanging Hills is a folk rock group based out of Philadelphia, PA

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Track Name: The Great Divide
23 times leaves have changed their color in my life

Now summer eves wind down

To windy blustery days

Blowing leaves around

My great great grandfather in 1869 crossed the great divide

To put old troubled days behind and take Antietam off his mind

Thinking back on a simpler better day

Picking Blushing Goldens while his father'd bail the hay

But with storm clouds brewing down in a southward way

The good times couldn't stay

For the first time in his life he left that town

Said his last goodbyes and set his sights down southward-bound

Said we gonna hunt them rebels like a pack of hounds

Lord we gonna bring them down

Rambling down the Grand Army of the Republic Highway

I think about our history's darkest days

How we come from ashes and we all will turn to dust

How he lives inside of each and all of us

23 times I've, top speed, flown circles around the sun

And I aint slowing down
Track Name: I'm Not Going Home
Down the scenic roads I roll

Color on the tree line

This autumn day, we roam

Until the sun sets in the evening and we tire

I'm not going home

Thinking about the shoreline past in summer days

Waves they came crashing, and the sun

It's endless rays

But this aint no California so the seasons

Well they have to change

No this aint no damn Olympia

I live that New England way

No this aint no Philadelphia, that city life

I couldn't take

Soon will come the winter and the leaves will die

Take our spirits with them

as the colored tree line cries:

"I'll be dead until the springtime when the bear awake

and birds will fly"

Put back all the color into the trees

Spirits high as ever on an early springtime breeze

But this aint no California so the seasons

Well they make me sneeze

No this aint no damn Olympia

There's orange all along the trees

No this aint no Philadelphia, that city life

I'll never please
Track Name: Here Come The Troops
Once upon a thrill walking upon the hill

I saw the army come marching to a drum

Coming one by one and two by two

We've got a lot to do Put on your polished shoes

Make yourself look fine pretty yourself in time

For we've to run to town to see them come

The cavalry is coming quick on Stallions six by six

Leaving dust behind the cloud had left me blind

The day forever in my avid mind

The general passes by a flag held proud and high

A scabbard on his belt his sword I swore I felt

He touched it upon my head with a smile

The infantry is coming down on the path to town

One thousand in the line marching double time

To reach their camp by dusk and rest awhile

Oh what a wondrous life I hear the drum and fife

A bugle strong and loud the heavenliest sound

Their footsteps stomp the ground in perfect time

I walk down the road

With nowhere planned to go

Everyone I know

Has told me lies

I never gave a damn

About a single one of them

If I tell that to myself

Makes it easier to go

I love them all so much
Track Name: The Island
Your wishes flow right out to sea,

Hands stretched toward infinity.

In the time it took to lose your head

I had walked down Rosewood Bend

and headed towards the mainland road.

I sought solace in a landlocked grove

where the trees grew tall and fruits bore seeds

which grew and grew and grew to be

Rows and rows of trees and lush

greens and browns and underbrush.

I'd forgotten that Island where

we hid away amidst the scare

of a broken world and an endless fight

to find our voice and escape the night

which always sought to seep in strong

and bury deep into our hearts.
Track Name: Company Town
And that train rolled by

Northbound its steam billowing high

And my hopes they reach its height

I'm far below that lustrous sky, my eyes

Blink the dust away

Grit coats the roads, the shacks, the graves

This town raised me as a child

Mama was sick for quite awhile

Her mind slowly slipped away

I grew, despite the days

And those days rolled by

I kept the home a place to call mine in time

Though I worked the ground

Crops never grew, just withered and browned

My life was a well spring dry

Said my farewells to the town, goodbye

Now I resolute to try

Leapt on the train 'fore it rolled by

So long to the old malaise

With a pack on my back, I buried those days
Track Name: This Strange Life
A Wise man, I am not yet

I am learning from my mistakes

I am yearning, I am burning

To find the secret ways of this strange life

And it has not, no it has not

Occurred to me that I won't ever achieve this

I my dreams this is how you

Can understand all the answers
Track Name: The Things I Long To Be
If I could drive myself into your arms

I would not let go

I would not let go, no

If I could pick myself up off the ground

I would stand up tall

I would stand up tall for all to see

You know there is a drive inside of me

Growing higher than a Redwood tree

The mountains it will climb

The things that it will see

The things I long to be

Once upon a time you were a child

Now that you've grown old

What do you behold?

What will bring that sparkle to your eyes?

What will bring alive what you hold inside?

This life I don't quite get but that's ok

Someday soon I know I'll find my way

Someday I will understand this world

You know I've been watching

You for all of these days

I have been dreaming

don'y you take it away

I have been searching

Every place that I go

I have been dreaming

Of what, God only knows…
Track Name: Pebble Spirit
Remember when we'd spend those summer weeks

At your grandfather's orchard in Sharpsburg on Antietam Creek?

He'd work in those fields picking Pippins to sell back in town

We'd help all through morning with dirt on my slacks and your gown

On white Stallions we'd ride

'Long the bridge that my father had crossed with Burnside

Pebble Spirit I rode

How she galloped for miles down that old Sunken Road

We'd look toward the hills to that river so mighty and wide

That sun on those shimmering mountains would glow in your eyes

And just like its peak, lord, our spirits were certainly high

Just like that flooding Potomac, our ardor would rise

By that Elm in the dell

We'd lay down and hear tales your grandfather would tell

About the battle frontier

How he traveled for miles as an old musketeer

They're rushing for gold out in California

If you get past those Rockies your bound to make your way

Sometimes I feel like I'm growing up fast like a weed

But old Oaks all sprout from a seed

Unlike that endless road, those days had to end

And you'd stop returning those letter I'd ardently send

I heard that you're traveling westward, been searching for gold

But I'll always remember those stories your grandfather told

I'm blowing through wind so damn fast like a tumbleweed

But old Oaks all sprout from a seed
Track Name: City Lights
City lights, pretty, bright and fair

Twinkling in my eyes, I couldn't help but glare

I'll be just fine by my lonesome self

You and I, we used to have it all

Until you set your sights on the bustle down below

Take your time, I'm sure you'll not be long

City Lights, they blind me from the stars

Which help to keep in mind how small we really are

Just a speck floating in a ray of light

Down in town the world's in such a rush

Running round and round in search of such and such

But the view's just fine from way out here

If I was a rich man's son

I'd give up all the money and run

Through the Birch and through the Pine

No I wouldn't keep even a dime

I'd make my own way and I'd live off the land

Away from the city, I'd work with my hands

Come with me through the woods

Way past city lights the world looks like it should

Towers tall, standing high

But that Mockingbird singing in the sky

Hope her song doesn't die

No I don't, hope her song doesn't die
Track Name: Where Winds Blow
So, I guess this is farewell, I guess so long for now

Don't you worry about me, I will make you proud

Headed on the road, Off to make a home

In a different town

I'll roam the countryside

Through the plains upon

The mountains high I'll go

follow where winds blow

See the world anew

to set sail on below

Hear those westward trumpets roar, growing louder more

With pedals to the floor we're running fast as lightning

With gusto down the tracks, and we aint looking back

Until we make amends with all our past

Don't be sad my friend

We'll surely meet again someday

Follow where you may

Go where your heart leads you

And I'll surely go with mine

And as I cross The Great Divide

New England forever will be on my mind

It seems of late since you've gone away

I don't hardly know your name anymore

Seasons change with the passing days

But begone goes your name through the wind to its grave

Through places past that we used to know

But the ghost of our love haunts me on down their roads

It seems of late since you've gone away

I don't hardly know this place anymore

Growing up is hard to do

Wish that I could grow with you

But part of getting older is realizing

That I cannot do it with you by my side

Love is a strange song

That you sing for so long

Sometimes the words just come out all wrong